Big Five for Life Do It course


Bring your Big Five for Life to existence with the Do It Course!

Now that you know your Big Five for Life, the next step is to bring them into your life. This course will take you on your own personal “journey”. In concrete, small and doable steps, your Big Five for Life unfolds.
Most people know how powerful everyday life is. That’s why it’s a great help to have this course, which constantly inspires you and gives you the impulse – and now the next “baby step”. You can still go forward at your own pace….
Here, too, we have ready:

  • Daily videos explaining each step (total 17 steps)
  • Downloadable PDF’s for all exercises
  • Tools to overcome the most common obstacles people face
  • Templates and techniques for finding the perfect “Who”
  • Step by step guidance to bring your Big Five for Life into existence

The same Big Five for Life discovery course costs € 845.- live.
Here’s the course that guides you in your real everyday life for € 199.-